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Magical Teas Class Tomorrow at William Blake Lodge!

Wed. July 13, 2011
Kitchen Witchery: Magical Teas
Doors open at 7:30pm
$20 admission for non-members; $5 materials fee for dues-current WBL members

The kettle is ON tomorrow night at William Blake Lodge!

As part of our summer "kitchen witchery" series, you'll imbibe teas that stimulate your senses with flavors, scents and the essential magical properties of the substances they contain during this fun and creative class. Use teas in preparatory work, meditation, as a sacrament and as a spell. We will talk about magical correspondences, healthful properties, what is safe to consume and what is poisonous! We'll make and/or try:

Full Moon Water
Lover's Tea
Big Ass Lunar Ritual Tea (from my 2005 magical retreat)
A potion for luck

You’ll also get to experiment and create some teas to take home. Ingredients provided.

We hope to see you tomorrow.

William Blake Lodge Temple Location:
208 South Pulaski Street, Suite 5B (5th floor)
Baltimore, MD 21223

Directions to the William Blake Lodge Temple:
95N to Washington Blvd. exit
Turn left onto Washington Blvd.
Turn left onto Monroe
Turn left onto Eagle
Turn right onto Pulaski
Red Brick Building on left side (Cambridge Building)
William Blake Lodge on 5th floor, suite B
Park on street.

Email: master@williamblakeoto.org

Website: http://www.williamblakeoto.org

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