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Ostara at CedarLight Grove, ADF

Location: CedarLight Center in Baltimore Maryland off of Harford Road. (directions on the site).

There are bus stations close by, information on bus routes listed on our website!

##### Please note the parking guideline for parking at CedarLight Grove on our website. #####

Date: March 19th, 2011

Time: Main Ritual starts at 5:30pm, arrive no later than 4:30pm.

(times are subject to change, please check the site before you leave)

Lore of the Season:
For this High Rite, the deities of the occasion are Nuada and Anu with Manannan MacLir as the Gatekeeper, and our prayer is to “Re-awaken the sacred in our land through our heads, hearts, and hands”.

What to bring?: Bring a dish to share with the Grove after ritual if you wish to participate in the feast. Participants who bring a dish to share are welcome to participate in the feast. Your dish should serve approximately 6-10 people. Please label whether your dish has meat or not for our vegetarians. It's also a good idea to list the ingredients if available.

There are cans of sodas and bottled water available at the Grove for 50 cents each. Feel free to contribute beverages to the Grove!

Check the weather forecast before the ritual. Bring sunscreen, bugspray, and maybe a light jacket. If you have a chair you'd like to sit in during the High Rite, we suggest bringing that too.

Cost?: There is a suggested donation of $10 per person. This can be done so through our website ahead of time or through Dagda’s Cauldron at the Grove. (paypal donations to

Who?: Our high rites are always open to the public, bring a friend! Children are allowed but –must- be supervised at all times. Children are not permitted to wander through ritual space during any ceremony, and any noisy children will be asked to be escorted out of the sanctuary. Pets are not allowed.

Further details can be reached on our website!
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